Discover The Simple 7-Step Holistic Solution That’s Helping Female Entrepreneurs Cultivate Unshakeable Confidence & Generate More Money In Their Business


Are You Ready To Fully Step Into Your Abundant POWER As You Become The Most Worthy & Deserving Version Of Yourself?

It’s so frustrating when you know you have some inner stuff going on that’s holding you back from your dreams but you just can’t shift it!


Subconscious money blocks can look like…


People Pleasing & Overgiving – You bend over backwards to keep other people happy, even if it means compromising your own needs and wants. You offer discounts and bonuses, even when they’re not even asked for. Because you put others needs before your own and over commit yourself, there’s no time left for you.

Self-Worth Issues & Fear – You have constant wobbles when it comes to your pricing and never really feel like you’re ‘worth’ what you charge. You take on too many clients for fear of missing out, even if they aren’t a good fit. You beat yourself up with negative inner chatter about how undeserving, flawed and unworthy you are.

Inconsistency & Overwhelm – You struggle with periods of self-doubt triggered by impostor syndrome, leading you to ‘hide’ or shrink, instead of showing up and being visible. Because you overgive, you often feel confused or stuck when it comes to what steps to take in your business. You really want to have a successful, abundant business, but sometimes it feels like your dreams are slipping away.

  It’s heart-breaking, right?

I completely get how this feels, because I lived this experience for pretty much all of my life!

Growing up in poverty left me with some pretty shitty core beliefs about wealth and money, later reinforced by difficult life events. Pair this with childhood rejection, shame and humiliation and you’ve got a winning combination for a life of lack and low self-worth. 

But one day, I experienced a powerful shift

I had to look at some money stuff in my business, which would usually trigger me like crazy; I’d feel sick, my heart would start pounding and I’d feel like crying, but this time…for the first time in forever (hello Frozen fans), it was different…

I felt calm…grounded…safe…I could actually look at numbers and money properly, with no emotional charge…What I had been doing actually WORKED! My mind was blown!

I knew then, in that moment, with absolute certainty, that if I could overcome that trigger, then I could 100% overcome ANY other area in which I felt money blocked and worthless…I could feel emotionally free…

Since then, I’ve levelled up! I feel more worthy, deserving and confident. I attract money instead of repelling it, I feel abundant and aligned

I want the same for you. You have the power to overcome your deep-seated money blocks and increase your feelings of self worth, because you are wholeheartedly worthy and deserving of an abundant, rich life!

And that’s why I created…

‘Tapping Into Money Mastery’

A beautiful course to help you compassionately heal your money wounds, realise your worth and create the life and business you dream of!


Let go of your old ‘scarcity and lack’ beliefs so that you realise there’s MORE than enough for you (and that you are enough too)

Heal all your old money wounds so that you can feel fully worthy and deserving of going after your desires

Ditch the self-doubt and impostor syndrome so that you can stand in your own unique power with unwavering confidence

Re-assess and redesign your life so that you feel like everything is perfectly balanced and harmonious

Wake up every single morning feeling fully aligned and positive so that you’re able to find working on your business joyful and fun

This isn’t like any program you’ve seen or experienced before…

I’m sure you’re sat there thinking you’ve heard it all before and you’re wondering how this transformation could be any different from everything else out there.

Well, let me share a few things with you…

  Tapping into Money™ Mastery is like no other program out there. Not only have I designed this specifically for female entrepreneurs based on my own lived experience, but I’ve also used my experience of coaching women with money blocks and self-worth issues. Most other programs out there will leave you…

Confused & Overwhelmed: Maybe you’ve tried other money type courses before? General money courses which don’t address the ‘feelings’ stuff can leave you feeling overwhelmed as you struggle to keep up with an overload of information you don’t need or want. And because it’s so hard to keep up, you end up stuck, stressed and anxious, finding yourself in the same situation 6 months from now.

Temporarily ‘Bolstered’: You come away with some helpful stuff which boosts your confidence short-term…but the novelty soon wears off as your unhealed subconscious beliefs start to seep back into your awareness, causing familiar feelings of unworthiness to rise up again.

Isolated & Unsupported: There’s no sense of real understanding of how much unhealed beliefs affect your day-to-day life and you’re left to just get on with the work on your own, without any help or guidance.

Tapping Into Money Is About Empowering You With ALL The Tools & Support You’ll Ever Need To Create A Healthy, Happy & Abundant Lifestyle

Emotional Freedom: When you get rid of your old limiting beliefs, you free up room for new, empowering beliefs…around money, success, abundance – anything!

Fulfilment & Happiness: No more putting everyone else’s needs before your own as you learn how to love yourself and design how your life and business look.

Unwavering Confidence: When you increase your self-worth and realise your uniqueness in the world, you’ll feel unstoppable.

Clarity: No more second guessing who you ideal clients are…you’ll discover their deepest, darkest desires and feel ready to call them in

Success & Abundance: Once everything ‘clicks’ into place, you’ll feel fully aligned and ready to start reaping the rewards of your hard work.

Inner Cheerleader: No more inner critic berating your every move; harness your inner cheerleader as you get braver, bolder and BETTER day by day.

The Investment

Tapping Into Money Has Everything You Need To Create The Abundance You Deserve. Buy The Mastery Program Up Front For Just £444, Or Choose A No Extra Cost Payment Plan. 


Special Challengee Bonuses!

Exclusively for those who participated in the 5 day challenge (totalling over £400 in value)

FAST ACTION Bonus #1: A 1 hour 1:1 personal tapping session with Suzannah (value £150)
** First 5 people to join the Mastery – Only 2 Places Left!! **

Bonus #2: Lifetime access to my popular ‘Get Sh*t Done’ productivity course (value £222)

Bonus #3: Lifetime access to my ‘Plan with Suze’ monthly planning video workshop (value £29)

So all you pay today is £444, or 12 installments of £37 (
no extra cost)

These bonuses expire on Sunday 22nd May at 11.59pm









And Here’s How It Works…

I’ve Broken The Program Down Into 7 Specific Core Modules Based On My Own Money Breakthrough Journey

Here is my unique ‘Honour to Harvest’ Process…

Foundation Module: The fundamentals before you start your journey. You’ll learn about Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) also called ‘Tapping’, and how you’ll be using it throughout the course to help you acknowledge, heal and release money wounds. You’ll activate your receiving radar and start a journal dedicated to your journey.

Module 1 – HONOUR: In this module, you explore the truth of how things are right now and honour any feelings which come up. You’ll go a bit deeper looking at your money story and start dispelling money myths.

Module 2 – HEAL: It’s time to let go, with compassion and love. This is a meaningful module with lots of work to do, but we do it graciously and calmly. Your journey is your journey, and you work through at your own pace.

Module 3 – HARNESS: You get to see (and BELIEVE) just how amazing you are as you discover your personal strengths, determine your values, learn to trust yourself and listen to your beautiful body.

Module 4.1 – HARMONISE (Life): You get to choose the way your life looks. In this module you’ll start making plans for change, clearing space to receive, creating boundaries and addressing your finances.

Module 4.2 – HARMONISE (Business): Prepare for abundance! Set some money goals for your business, clear resistance, get to know your soul clients inside out and position yourself in your niche.


Module 5 – HARVEST: Learn to manifest as you go step by step through the process I use – I’ll share my unique secret equation with you! Set powerful intentions and stay in blissful alignment to your desires.

Here Is Exactly What You Get

12 week Tapping into Money Mastery Course, comprising of 7 Core modules with over 60 lessons plus tapping videos, visualisations & meditations

24/7 Access to your personal online learning portal, it’s mobile friendly so you can complete the lessons and tap along videos from anywhere!

High quality workbooks for each module which you can download and print so you can underpin your learning with powerful exercises

12 months access to the welcoming and deeply supportive private Facebook community in which you can ask for help, share your acheivements and celebrate members’ successes

Weekly live Q&A followed by live tapping with Suzannah in the Facebook community

Monthly “What’s holding you back?” video call in Facebook ‘rooms’ where you get to pick my brains about your business

Lifetime course access which includes any improvements, additions and bonuses added to the mastery

Here Is What Recent Clients Had To Say

I love Suzannah’s style. She is very caring and empathetic in how she presents her material and has a great deal of knowledge to go with it. I love how she has been willing to share her own experiences to show me that I am not alone in this and that we have some of the same experiences.


Book Creator

Really digging deep within and re-learning things about myself I had long forgotten. This mastery has been a self- RE-discovery for me.


Business Owner

Suzannah’s calm presence helps you to be at ease straight away. She presents with such ease and clarity and makes everything to be done manageable and easy to achieve and understand.


Psychic Artist

Not only does the Money Mastery help me to have a better relationship with money. It also helps me learn more about myself, my past experiences, and the fact I am worthy of better things and I CAN DO better things for myself. Thanks, Suzannah.

Donna Stewart

Book Creator

I loved the power thinking in this module! Power words and reframing what I’m saying also shift my body sensations and things do feel more in flow!


I feel so much more confident in self, less bothered about the external world as I focus more on myself. Joy is rising in my heart more frequently now. The abundance is showing more through feelings than physical abundance, but this is just wonderful for me.


The mastery is creating so many shifts within and now I’m feeling so joyful and this for me is great abundance. I’m looking forward to the next modules and seeing what this creates for me.


Psychic Artist

When we think about where our attitude towards money comes from we usually have immediate stories and examples that we go to. And usually we stop right there.

But what if we went even deeper?

Uncovered what lay even behind these habitual ‘go-to’ stories?

With Suzannah we went behind those habitual stories to the stories behind THOSE stories and a whole new world opened up that belonged to me and only me. Who knew what I would uncover through my life story that directly influences my attitude towards money and earning today?

Allow Suzannah Butcher to facilitate your journey and discover the true money story that colours and informs your attitudes and practices today. I couldn’t recommend Suzannah’s gentle and insightful process highly enough.

Helen Bawden

Virtual Assistant

I was delighted to work with Suzannah recently, to further explore some limiting beliefs around money and some conditioning from an earlier part of my life. I’m a therapist and coach, and a MASSIVE fan of leading by example in continuing getting coaching and ‘doing the work’ on myself.

Suzannah is incredible to work with – I so enjoyed our tapping sessions together. I noticed a palpable shift in the emotional link to some experiences I’d had, which enabled me to move through the block. The tapping process felt a bit strange to begin with, however, it’s proved to be very soothing and effective – I would highly recommend talking with Suzannah to learn about how EFT Tapping can help you x
Jo Jones


Suzanne EFT self-sabotage

The mastery is very good value, there is so much packed into this course I never imagined I would cover and it truly helping me to sift out what is blocking the abundance and enabling me to transform it. I am so glad my intuition led me to this course. It was so great to be able to afford it too!


Psychic Artist

Suzanne EFT

And Here’s How I Know This Will Work For You…

Tapping Into Money is nothing like you’ve experienced before.

It’s NOT a financial education course where you end up feeling overwhelmed and frustrated by jargon and information being fired at you…

This is a personal process of healing and RE-discovery that will help you get emotional freedom from money blocks and feel more confident and assured.

And If All This Course Did For You Was…

Gave you the confidence you need to reach the next level in your business…

Helped you feel more happy, content and in control of your life…

Helped you to believe in your unconditional worthiness and enoughness…

Would It Be Worth It?

YES…Of Course It Would!

And Because I’m So Confident This Program Will Transform Your Relationship With Money, I Am Going To Guarantee Your Success, OR Your Money Back…

Put simply – I’m not going to let you fail!

Suzannah Butcher

Award Winning Coach & Founder Of Calmpreneur

Investing in yourself can feel hard when you struggle with low-self worth and money blocks; you might think things like…

“Am I worth it? What if I fail at this? Will this be worth the money? What if I’m wasting money?!”

I completely get that, I’ve been there myself and can remember all the resistance I felt to investing in myself and my business…

Which is why I want to take some of the weight off your shoulders and address those concerns by offering you a
60-day money back guarantee.

If having completed all the lessons and tap along videos, you’ve had no breakthroughs and/or felt zero mindset shifts, then I will refund your investment in full.










You get immediate access to the mastery and the bonuses – Join today and call in more abundance in 2022!

Mastery FAQ’s

How long is the Mastery?

Allow 12 weeks to complete the course based on 1-2 hours per week. It’s all self-paced, so you can decide how much time you commit to the course.

How many modules/ lessons are there?

There are 7 modules altogether. Each module has between 7 and 12 short lessons. The videos are between 5 and 15 minutes duration. 

Is there any support available?

Yes, there is group support via the Facebook community and email support for if you get stuck with anything.

Is there tapping included?

Yes, there are tap along videos at various points throughout the course, plus there is a live tapping session every fortnight on which we tapping on what’s come up for you throughout the process.

How is the mastery delivered?

The course is available via your personalised online learning portal.
All lessons are video lessons and you go through step-by-step. Each module has a workbook with exercises, similar to what you’ve been doing in the challenge.

Is there any 1:1 coaching included?

The course does not include 1:1 coaching, however we do have weekly Q&A’s and a group coaching via Facebook rooms once a month

How long do I get access to the Facebook support group?

You get a full 12 months of Facebook group support. After this time, you have the option to remain in the community for £10 per month. This is to encourage engagement in the course and keep members active, committed and accountable

How long do I get access to the mastery?

You have lifetime access to the mastery.  Plus, you will get all the updates, enhancements and bonuses as they become available. 

Are there any Facebook lives?

Yes, there are weekly Q&A’s and live tapping sessions.

Is there a 12 month payment option?

Yes! You can pay for the Mastery over 12 months at no extra cost

Can I pay back sooner if I choose the 12 month installment option?

Yes, get in touch and we will arrange this for you.

What business related topics is in the Mastery?

Soul client avatar, aligned offerings, pricing and goals. You will get access to any new content added to the course as it evolves.

What is the 60 day money back guarantee?

If having completed all the lessons and tap along videos, you’ve had no breakthroughs and/or felt zero mindset shifts, then I will refund your investment in full.

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